2010 CAR Middle East Awards, Supercar & Car of the Year is the Ferrari 458 Italia!

Supercar-&-Car-of-the-Year-2010-Ferrari-458-Italia-Car-Middle-East-awards-Dubai-1Last December there were held CAR Middle East 2010 Car of the Year awards by the GCC region’s premier motoring magazine in Dubai, honouring the best new cars of 2010, and also the biggest achievers of the year in the motoring and motorsports arena. Every car that went on sale between the beginning of December 2009 and end of November 2010 was automatically nominated.

An emphatic win was achieved by the Ferrari 458 Italia that took the two titles: “Supercar of the Year 2010” and “Car of the year 2010”. Ferrari’s 458 Italia is one of the most instantly desirable Ferraris for many years. The fact that it is incredibly talented, and yet tame enough to be an everyday car, is a bonus. Marco Sambaldi of Ferrari Middle East: “This award is dedicated to the great women and men that work in a great factory in Maranello. The result is a great car – the Ferrari 458 Italia.”



No doubt, it is currently one of the best cars on the planet and a future classic for sure. It offers a stunning physique, exquisite detailing, pulverizing performance, astonishing ride and handling and surprising usability. It is the ultimate superhero car that managers to vanquish all-comers with frightening ease and character…The car to drive at least once a life!



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