24 hours trip in Dubai

We approach at midnight the Dubai international airport DXB. We are coming from: Maldives. Still confused because of the flight, we start facing our issue: what to do in following 24 hours in Dubai, before leaving away? Trip booked with the Tour Operator, includes a hotel somewhere here in Dubai, where we could go and sleep, waiting for the connection flight, but we don’t want to waste our first 24 hours in Dubai.. we will sleep during the flight that will return us back home, tomorrow at this hour.

What to do?

First of all, let’s claim our luggage, then let’s go to the exit and look for a taxi. It will be easy to find the queue.

First goal: taxi

Taxi rate in Dubai are very low, so I do suggest you to forget about renting a car or something else: I won’t spend time in losing my way or asking for information every time. The best way is to get a taxi for 24 hours. We have very few time to spend in Dubai, so let’s avoid looking for a different taxi every time, just to save some Dirhams..

Even though all the taxi drivers are untroubled people (generally Indians or Pakistanis, employees of the company) pay for him just at the end of the 24 hours trip, to avoid any problem.

Second goal: luggage in hotel

First step is to leave luggage in hotel, and – why not? – having a refreshing shower. DO NOT LOOK AT THE BED.. it could be fatal..

Ok.. if you did, go directly to last point of this list.

Wear your swim suit, a t-shirt and short or comfortable treasure, prepare a bag with  all you can find in the fridge and beach towels. Well… ready to go to the beach! Being 1 am, you don’t need to bring sunglasses or sun lotion.

I suggest you to leave your passport in the hotel.

Third goal: first trip

During the night, clubs close not too late, so we will use this time to have a funny trip..

Let’s call our 24-hours-driver and ask him for bringing us to first destination of the tour “Dubai in 24 hours”: free beach close to Burj Al-Arab. In Deira (downtown of Dubai) you will find both ATM and 24-hours shop, in case you need cash or something to eat or drink.

Once approached the beach, enjoy a swim with the beautiful background of Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel by night.

Let’s dry and change our swimsuit and give a look at the time [2.35 am].. well! We are ready for next destination.

Fourth goal: acquarium in the Atlantis hotel

Ask for going to Atlantis, the 1001 nights hotel, now just a group of lights at this distance. Ask to taxi driver for following the road along the sea, and not the Sheik Zayed Road (the highway). If we are lucky, we can also ask him for having a little trip in the most important hotel along the sea-side: WestIn, Le Meridien, and so on..

Got to the hotel, let’s go out for the usual pictures.

Leave our chaffer sleeping in the car, and let’s try to get in.. Security people will tell us that is not possible: but if we behave in a correct way, and ask politely for entering they could accept.. Especially saying that this is our unique night in Dubai, that it will be fantastic to have a quick look at the structure without disturbing and so on.

Once inside, we will have all just for us.. magnificent spaces, amazing finish, fantastic music with rediffusion, luxury, luxury, luxury… but it’s nothing in spite of the enormous acquarium.

It will take sometimes to breathe again after this magic.

While crossing the Palm Jumeirah, where Atlantis hotel is, you can see on your right the skyline of JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence).. I suggest you to have a quick stop for some pictures.

Fifth goal: JBR

Let’s ask Ambrogio [in the meanwhile we named in such a way, our driver] for bringing u sto JBR. What you can do at JBR during the night, since all the clubs & shops are closed [it’s 4.16 am]..? We can have a second swim.. Round number 2!

At this point, you can decide how long to stay there on the beach, if you want to wait for the sunrise, and perhaps also have a little rest on the sand.

Sixth goal: a refreshing shower in hotel

Ambrogio… let’s get back to the hotel

In hotel we will have a shower and change our dress, WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE BED!! We can have breakfast in the hotel (it’s just paid) or in the Mall of Emirates (our next destination) or in JBR (you could also stay directly there for breakfast, after the sunrise, and then go to the hotel for a shower).

Seventh goal: Dubai Mall & Mall of Emirates

We will have a trip in due biggest shopping center of Dubai. The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall, the 20-billion-dollar project is the medium in total area with 1,200 shops, an ice Rink, an amazing fountain, an Aquarium with Discovery Centre; the Mall of the Emirates is in the Al Barsha district of Dubai: it contains approximately 2,400,000 square feet (223,000 m2) of shops, restaurants and facilities, including a the Middle East’s first indoor ski slope, Ski Dubai, one of the largest in the world.

Dubai Mall is Part of the Burj Dubai complex a supertall skyscraper, the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 818 m.

In one of the Malls, you can have one hour to eat something in some of the restaurants inside the mall. It’s 1.38 pm… that’s why you were feeling so hungry!

Eightth goal: Madinat Jumeirah & Burj Al Arab

After lunch, a coffee it’s needed! Let’s have it at Madinat Jumeirah, not far from Mall of Emirates. Madinat Jumeirah is small shopping center with a bazaar-like atmosphere – a sort of souq – in which open fronted shops and intimate galleries spill onto the paved walkways; it’s part of Madinat Jumeirah Hotel & Resort.

Before or later the Madinat Jumeirah, ask to the taxi driver for bringing you outside the Burj Al Arab, for some pictures. Here you cannot enter without any invitation.

Ninth goal: Gold Souq

It’s 4.05 pm, ideal moment for a quick jump into the gold souq.. where he can easily get some other gifts & souvenirs, gold or some perfume.

I know, you are tired, but he have till some hours to spend in Dubai… keep hard!

Tenth goal: again in hotel

It’s 6.28 pm, almost time to go out for dinner. I will no task you for a formal dress, but at least a minimum style would be better. I give you half an hour in the swimming pool, sauna or steam bath.. Forget about the massage.. it could be too much relaxing and you are very tired.

Let’s prepare ourselves: I’m bringing you in one of the most exclusive club in Dubai.

Eleventh goal: dinner time

Let’s ask to the receptionist for booking a table at Buddha Bar c/o GROSVENOR HOUSE – WEST MARINA BEACH by le Méridien

Sheikh Zayed Road PO BOX 118500 DUBAI – UAE

Phone (971)(4) 3998888

In case of no table available, I can suggest you for 24° floor of DUSIT Hotel, where you can find 3 restaurants, including the Italian Restaurant: PAX, one of my favourite.

Buddha Bar is one of the best club in Dubai: you can stay here for some more time after the dinner (it’s 8.39 pm… sigh) and listen to some music, or leave for a sheesha bar: there are a lot of, in Dubai Marina

In case you decided for the DUSIT, at the round floor you can listen to some good Jazz music.. Say hello to Frank from my side, and offer him for something to drink: he will appreciate for sure!

Last goal: airport

Time is not enough to visit other placet. We have just the time to go to the hotel, chance our dress, check out and go to the airport. 11.58 pm: we are in time.

We leave Dubai, under the promise: on next time, we will spend here more time.

We are now boarding the flight QR113 to Doha. All the passengers….

Finally we can sleep.. a great smile put in evidence happiness for having shared this trip with a special person.

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