A website to plan your journey with Dubai Metro

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched a portal inegrated with GIS (Geographical Information System) technology: this system will provide passengers with information about Dubai Metro lines, stations, timetable, multi-modal interchange points and all possible information provided by GIS technology. Abdul Majeed Abdul Razak Al Khaja, CEO of RTA, put in evidence the importance of the launch of the website, together with the official inauguration of the Dubai Metro (scheduled for the 9-9-9 September 9th 2009): “Launching this website, which is based on GIS technology, is a key initial step tpwards introducing the public and visitors to the Dubai Metro”.

The website will span Dubai Metro and Safouh Tram, as well as future projects, providing users with all useful information about transportation, including additional information about Points of Interest close to the stations.

For further information: http://metrogis.rta.ae


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