Abu Dhabi International Triathlon

Get ready to revive your mood with the striking multi-sports event that is going to organize in Abu Dhabi. This multi-sports event formally known as Triathlon will include continuous and sequential entertaining sports waiting to enthrall your mind as well as soul. Triathlon is adventurous sports which involves a unique combination of swimming, cycling, and running. The second edition of Abu Dhabi International Triathlon is a much awaited event of the year. Mark these days on your March planner : 12th March 2011

Upcoming Triathlon will prove as a big platform for professional as well as amateur athletics. This year Abu Dhabi Tourism authority has organized three unique distance courses which include short distance, long distance and spirit distance. If you are a real adventure lover and want to explore your athletic quality, you can form a team of 3 individuals who can swim, ride and run. Such a wonderful event will offer you a quality time with your family, relatives and folks. If you are interested for prize money, you will have to participate in the long distance course. For those who are new to 2011 Abu Dhabi international Triathlon, can opt for the spirit distance course.

Abu Dubai International Triathlon will provide mind blowing and fascinating experience. Well-disciplined teams will give cutthroat competition to each other. The event will be a gala ceremony for everybody especially for those who want to participate. The authority will distribute cash as well as non-cash prizes to the winners.

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Image Courtesy: Abu Dhabi International Triathlon (ADIT)

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