Offerte di lavoro a Dubai e negli Emirati Arabi. Cercasi Advocate

Location: Pakistan
Job Category: Legal/Lawyers
Ref #: LEG–069
PostedOn: 4/25/2014
Job Description:
Experience: 1 – 5 Years
Education: Bachelors Degree
1. Taking instruction from clients and their solicitors;
2. Understanding and interpreting the law;
3. Mastering and managing legal briefs (cases);
4. Undertaking legal research into relevant points of law;
5. Writing opinions and advising solicitors and other professionals;
6. Preparing cases for court, including holding client conferences, preparing legal arguments, etc.;
7. Advising clients on matters of law and evidence and the strength of their case;
8. Representing clients in court;
9. Presenting arguments in court;
10. Examining and cross–examining witnesses;
11. Summing up the reasons why the court should support the client’s case;
12. Drafting legal documents;
13. Negotiating settlements.

1. Excellent interpersonal, presentation and written/oral communication skills
2. Possession of integrity, confidentiality and a non–prejudicial manner
3. Self–confidence, motivation and resilience
4. Legal and commercial awareness
5. Excellent time and people management skills
6. Excellent academic and research skills


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