Arab and Dubai tourists in Italy? Yes, thanks to Alcor Viaggi!


According to the estimate of the World Tour Organization, Arab tourists spend more than anybody else; on average, a tourist from the Emirates spends $1700 in shopping and restaurants every time he/she travels, in spite of the ongoing tradition of bargaining, even during the sales season.

European countries appear not to be their favorite destination, for various reasons. First of all, we have to consider that the Islamic community feels more at ease traveling to Muslim countries; institutional websites themselves often give a very explicit indication in this sense.

The very way our system works is not inviting to rich tourists from the Emirates, for the organizations in charge of tourist proposals do not suggest any promotions for visits to Italy.

The small dimensions of the rooms do not meet the needs of Arab families (one or more wives, often many children, maids and babysitters), thus decreasing even more the presence of Arab tourists in Italy.

According to the daily newspaper The National of Abu Dhabi, the chain Marriott Hotel & Resort intends to double the size of its suites and standard rooms in 15 new hotels that are going to be built in China, Thailand and India, in order to meet the standards of space for Arab families and especially for Emirate families (today on average more numerous).

Nevertheless a simple marketing strategy could maximize results with limited effort: bigger rooms or communicating rooms in order to host families, chefs specialized in Muslim dishes, Middle Eastern satellite channels in the suites, prayer rooms for practicing Muslims, a greater knowledge of Muslim culture for the people working in the tourist industry (tour, hotel and congress operators).

Add to this the fact that often whoever plans a trip to Italy runs the risk of falling into the pitfall of false promises: the promise that you are going to see everything in a short span of time, and that you will return home knowing more or less everything about the country. Vacation packages focusing more on quantity rather than on quality, as well as the circulation of distorted information are often cause for a customer’s disappointment, or, to say the least, dissatisfaction.

ALCOR VIAGGI’s objective is to fulfill the dreams of those deeply curious and passionate people who wish to experience the part of Italy they are more interested in for what it really is like, without shortcuts, distortions or superficiality, taking care of every detail of the trip, respecting the culture and traditions of their visitors. They find the right accommodations according to the needs of their clients, putting at their disposal expert guides thanks to whom they will be able to appreciate the magnificent aspects of Italy.

ALCOR VIAGGI’s professional staff is at your disposal with their experience and profound knowledge of their country ready to offer you truly fascinating and authentic trips.

Thanks to their expert guides who speak many different languages, you will be able to appreciate the charm and the glamour of all those things that make Italy famous throughout the world, and, at the same time, you will have exclusive access to the most hidden and less known places, where only a few can live the mystery of what lies beneath Italy’s history and origins: things we thought we could only read in books.

Penetrate into the uncontaminated natural environment of parks that are protected as world heritage sites, but which most people do not know about, sometimes because they cannot be reached by regular means of transportation, or simply because of lack of information.

Sample gastronomic and oenological delights in exclusive and faraway places, still untouched by mass tourism. Then take the road that leads to the masterpieces of the geniuses of science and of those musicians whose notes still echo in the arenas of the world.

Even try the romantic luxury of traveling like in a movie, with private transfers to normally impenetrable destinations. In the end, Federico Fellini’s “La dolce vita” is not simply the title of a memorable film, but it represents the typical lifestyle of a time many would like to relive…

ALCOR VIAGGI’s strategy to guarantee all this is offering individual all-inclusive & tailored tours.

“Individual” trips mean “guaranteed” trips. Your group will be certain to leave, because it will not be subject to having a minimum number of participants. It actually may sound surprising, but the objective at ALCOR VIAGGI is not selling tours but making sure that the final customer comes back satisfied from the trip he/she had in mind.  The number of participants is even kept to a minimum in order to guarantee the authenticity and exclusiveness of the itineraries.

For the same reason, ALCOR VIAGGI has chosen the all-inclusive formula. It caters to its customers, constantly looks after their needs from the moment they leave on their trip until the time they return home. This constant presence avoids any kind of inconvenience (logistical, bureaucratic) connected with being in a foreign country, like Italy, with all of its peculiarities.

From ALCOR VIAGGI’s website,, you can download the pdf files containing detailed descriptions of the ready package tours. Booking is guided on the website where you will also find a list of all our associated travel agencies, from which you will be able to choose the one which is most conveniently located, since booking takes place directly through one of these agencies. If, however, there are no associated agencies in your region, you may book directly online through our Booking service.

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  • 26 Gennaio 2010 at 23:16

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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  • 27 Gennaio 2010 at 11:30

    We are seeing an increase in Muslim tourism here in Salemi, SIcily.

  • 15 Febbraio 2010 at 07:06

    This article was helpful in a paper I am writing for my thesis.


    Bernice Franklin

  • 14 Maggio 2010 at 21:11

    Fluent Arabic English and Italian Speaking Tour guide and shopping assistance in Rome, Italy

    My name is Sami Haven and I am almost 23 years old. My mother is from Jordan and my father is English. I come from an upper class family of architects both on my fathers and mothers side, which worked for the Jordanian royal family as well. My grandfather Sami Ne’meh built some of Jordan’s most beautiful buildings including the Abu Darwish mosque in Amman. I have an aunt who has just transferred to Dubai from Italy as she works with Orbit (TV company) that was based in Rome until not to long ago.

    I have been living in Rome over the past 5 years where I did my masters in photography and now studying the history of its art as a personal interest as well as working part time as assistant to Michele De Andreis (known fashion photographer) until I have the funds and experience to open a firm of my own.

    My mother tongues are both Arabic and English, and I have learned Italian fluently and almost without any foreign accent at all.

    I know Rome very well for it has become another home to me, and the history of its important monuments (and some of the less known ones, which I personally like).

    I have received a completely British education, but in my heart I am Arabic and respect my culture and its traditions.

    In Rome I am perfectly inserted in the fashion, music, artistic, and recreational worlds due to my studies, work, friendships and interests. I am well informed on daytime and night-time activities, exhibitions, galleries and know most of the people who organise all the important events and parties.

    I enjoy meeting now people and cultures, learning new things and lending a helping hand when ever possible.

    Now that the summer season is starting I would like to work as a guide and/or translator for people who plan their vacation in Rome, help the shopping and sightseeing, to make some extra money of my own and show the beautiful city, which I have come to love

    I hope to receive a positive reply and I am sure well have a wonderful time around Rome together.

    Sincerely yours,
    Sami Haven.

    PS: You can contact me on

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    You you could edit the webpage subject Dubai Blog » Blog Archive » Arab and Dubai tourists in Italy? Yes, thanks to Alcor Viaggi! to more catching for your content you write. I enjoyed the the writing even sononetheless.

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