Arab Women Reluctant to Discuss Mental Health Issues

Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Congress is scheduled to take place at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from 1st April to 3rd April 2012.

Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist and MD at The LightHouse Arabia

Informa Exhibitions and the Arab Association of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Societies (AAOGS) have arranged this event for the second time. More than 100 regional and international speakers from around the world will participate in the Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Congress.

The experts and speakers of Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Congress will shed a light on the issues of mental health of women in Middle East. They will also discuss the appropriate methods to increase awareness about this health issue as many Arab women don’t even realize that they are going through a mental depression or do not know the symptoms. The congress will also discuss the treatments that reduce this particular health issue.

According to Dr. Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist and speaker at the Obs-Gyne Congress, social stigma is still attached with seeking an advice or treatments for mental health professional when it comes to mental health of women in Middle East. Women in Middle East still prefer to go to primary care physicians to seek advice or treatment for their emotional issues. The reason is, they are strict followers of the religion and so do not prefer to talk about family issues with even a doctor as he/she is considered to be an outsider.

At the same time, the exhibition alongside will showcase the latest technologies, ultrasound diagnostics equipments, scanners, sensors, different types of medicines etc. Simon Page, Managing Director of Life Sciences, Informa exhibitions, revealed that about 50 companies from more than 10 countries around the globe will participate in the exhibition.

For more information on Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Congress, please call +971 4 407 2743 or visit

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