Arabic language domains will improve growth of Internet in Middle East

Indigenous address system (not only in Arabic, but also in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Hindi and non-latin alphabets) will eliminate barriers to Internet usage, giving chance to people not comfortable with Latin alphabet. Internet penetration factor in the Middle East is currently 23% of the population: introduction of these addresses will improve it, announces person in charge of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a no-profit organization, coordinating the internet’s domain names and extension.

You will be able to crete web addresses names in the Arabic alphabet… currently Arabic names are just used, but in their Latin translitteration” said Baher Esmat – Regional Relations Manager for the Middle East of ICANN.

If you just consider that in China 95% of websites content is in Chinese language, you can have an idea of the improving possible thanks to this important innovation, scheduled for 2010.

This process will allow greater options for local brands, without using translitteration in Latin alphabet.

I invite you to observe that Google since long time offer an interface in many local languages, including some fantasy ones, as well as the Klingon..

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