Barney’s Space Adventures

Happy times are predicted for Barney lovers in the near future. Tag along with Barney and his friends as they adventure on a spaceship to the outer space. The most loved purple dinosaur is here to entertain and delight children and adults alike with his first ever appearance in Dubai at the Dubai Airport Expo on his first Middle East Tour. This is reason enough for you to visit Dubai and plan your holidays in Dubai for this summer.

Explore the Purple Planet whose inhabitants are colourful and friendly people! Join Barney on his spaceship adventures featuring good old BJ, Baby Bop and cousin Riff as they explore the Purple Planet. The King and Queen of the planet hold a lavish and grand ball to honour Barney’s love of children from all galaxies. This musical show is filled with fun and frolic with the promise of featuring favourite Barney songs. Your little devils will enjoy an hour filled with laughter, fantasy and enchantment as they tag along with Barney on a musical and magical journey. The purple dino with the toothy grin is guaranteed to draw out several helpless grins from audience itself. Also be prepared to pamper your kids with Barney merchandise that will be put near the show grounds.

The show is on from 2nd to 4th June at the Dubai Airport Expo . So hurry and grab your tickets now and watch your little cherubs light up with joy! For more information regarding the date, venue and tickets for the event visit

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