Cappellini and Poliform ready to start the season in Qatar, with a news!

Cappellini and Poliform ready to start the season in Qatar, with a news!

Preparation has ended, it’s time to start the engines for the season! Less then one week and Guido Cappellini will enter the arena of 2012 Class-1, to challenge competitors and fight for a top spot. The arena of Doha, Qatar, will not be an easy one. But Poliform 74 is in good shape and the pilots are set to start off. Beside Guido a new entry for the championship: the fellow Italian Gian Maria Gabbiani.

He’s just 35 yrs old, but he’s experienced, he’s new with Class-1 but not new to racing and powerboating. A family of racers, as Gian Maria’s father, Beppe, had a career on car racing and got to reach Formula 1. Since childhood the young Gabbiani sit in many racing cockpits starting with karts and going on and up with F3, FIA GT, F3000, Nascar.

Then in 2010 a parallel new career in powerboating with Italian Offshore Championship, 1000 Miglia del Lario on lake Como, followed by the Italian Offshore Championships and Endurance Group B. And a winning first-time with the 2011 World Championship title in the UIM Powerboat Endurance B race. In 2011 Gian Maria managed already to reach a great achievement reaching (or winning) the UIm World title in Endurance Group B Class Pro.

Poliform 74, the 12mt cat that proved so fast and agile in 2011, has undergone some minor changes, the most focus being to improve reliability and performance of the drivetrain. This season all V8 engines are allowed to rev 250 rpm higher, to a top of 6350 revs per minute. This will help to close the gap with V12s, still remaining both limited to the same maximum power of 850HP. Last year Poliform has been the fastest among eight-cylinder powered boats, and challenging elbow to elbow with top teams from the Middle East, all propelled by V-twelves.

Guido is very positive: “I recovered quick and easy, the broken ankle feels ages ago. My motivation comes from the confidence in the global package that proved so quick last year, taking us to victory in Cernobbio, Italy, and from a big eagerness to race in Qatar and fight through the waves and the wakes (few wakes, that’s the target..). Gian Maria Gabbiani is new in Class-1, but he has a solid background in car racing and he has learned fast in the water. He’ll be a good partner for a competitive start of the season. The racing circuit in Doha will be very challenging for our boat: it is long with fast straights and rougher sea, which we like although we are aware that our short hull fulfills its potential in more agile and driven parts. We are ready to give 110%.

Nice fact: “when I was a kid, racing in go-karts, I won in Parma the trophy in the first division. I got the trophy and it was so big for me that I could barely lift it. Its name was Trofeo Gabbiani”.

The appointment is in Doha, Qatar, during four days 14th to 17th March. The first two races of 2012 season will be on Thursday 15th and Saturday 17th, 15:00 local time (13:00 CET).

click here to download the English pdf release and related pics (same images as the Italian one)

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