Chemical Engineering

Offerte di lavoro a Dubai e negli Emirati Arabi. Cercasi Chemical Engineering

Location: Saudi Arabia
Job Category: Engineering / Architecture
Ref #: ENG–1082
PostedOn: 3/28/2013
Job Description:
Beneath all of the general responsibilities listed above, a chemical engineer must engage in numerous specific duties on a daily basis. The first duty which the chemical engineer is responsible for completing is research. The chemical engineer must take careful steps to ensure that what they are looking to manufacture and how they are looking to manufacture a product is the right avenue to pursue. The way to resolve this issue is by doing a lot of research on a variety of topics relating to chemical engineering.
Experience: 1 – 5 Years
Education: Bachelors Degree
The chemical engineer is a person who has multiple job responsibilities under their charge. One who works as a chemical engineer must do a lot of research in the beginning to determine the best way of producing certain products. Along with researching the issues, the chemical engineer must design programs, machinery and processes which will allow the products to be manufactured. The chemical engineer must also perform a multitude of tests along the way to ensure that everything is going according to plan. Lastly, one who is a chemical engineer must consult with numerous individuals to ensure that their job is done to the best of their ability and the desired outcome is reached.


SR,2000 TO 3500 % 65

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