Cuisine for Eid

A month-long fasting during Ramdan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which lasts for 29 or 30 day, is broken on Edi ul Fitr by having a feast together. The recipes and the feast for Eid pride and show off all that is good, delicious, healthy and great about the Islamic cuisine. Here are few of the cuisines that garnish the celebrations of Eid.

Baklava: This delicious reduced-sugar version of classic Middle Eastern dessert is prepared with honey and unsalted butter

Chicken Charmoula: A Moroccan chicken dish includes fragrant toasted spices, olives and preserved lemons

Chicken Rendang: An Indonesian curry, seasoned with fragrant mix of spices, coconut, lemon grass and lime leaves is served with boiled rice and green vegetables

Gulabi Phirni: A milk pudding that has rose essence and fragrant basmati rice. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes to prepare Gulabi Firni. Looks beautiful when garnished with rose petals

Kashmiri Meatballs: A sausage-shaped ‘meatballs’ boast golden colour and Kashmiri flavors. It can be served along with boiled rice

Labne (Yogurt Cheese): A tasty, simple, home-made yogurt cheese recipe with Middle Eastern touch. This can be served as a light dish for dinner

Lamb and Rice Casserole: Aromatic lamb biryani, studded with browned onions, almonds and topped with boiled eggs is one of the feeling recipes

Try your hand at these delicious recipes and celebrate Eid with your special feasts!

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