Dubai Blog – Arabic Course: how to set Arabic Keyboard layout

How to install and use Arabic keyboard input on Windows.

Windows XP

arabic keyboard

To set up Arabic under Windows XP, select Start | Settings | Control Panel | Regional and Language Options. Click the Languages tab at the top, make sure that you have enabled Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai), then click on Details… under Text services and input languages. When the window appears, click Add… next to Installed services and select Arabic (Egypt) and Arabic (101) as your Keyboard layout/IME. Click OK twice and you’re done.

Windows 2000

To set up Arabic under Windows 2000, select Settings | Control Panel, Keyboard, Input Locales tab, then add Arabic, selecting any region with the Arabic (101) IME.  The keyboard map is as follows – the first line shows regular characters, the second their phonetic, the third line shows the key, and the fourth and fifth the <SHIFT> characters’ names and glyphs respectively.  Note that when typing Arabic, variant forms are automatically selected.

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