Dubai High-ceilinged Skyscrapers

Dubai, a place of sun, sand and shopping, is world famous because of its rich land reforms and countless features. Being one of the most popular emirates of the United Arab Emirates, the city boasts a huge diversity of  attractions that is enough to tantalize anybody. It has an award-wining international airline and vast artificial islands. Dubai appears more like a science-fiction city and a dreamland to travellers.

With the boldness and audacity, it’s truly impossible to hide the city’s far-fetched transformation and ongoing modification. This emirate has totally gone international and owns the world existence. At present, it is taking giant steps with  its presence as the world’s richest horse race, million-dollar lotteries, international tennis & golf tournaments and a month-long shopping festival. The city possesses the crown of symbolic buildings, soaring towers and luxury hotels.

Structure Floor Area Height Floor Architect
Bruj Khalifa 309,473 m² 828.0 m 163 Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
The Torch 111,832 m² 348.1 m 86 Khatib & Alami
Ocean Heights 789,274 m² 310.0 m 82 Aedas Ltd.
The Index 163,471 m² 328.0 m 80 Foster and Partners
Sulafa Tower —NA— 285.0 m 75 National Engineering Bureau
Almas Tower 160,000 m² 363.0 m 74 W.S. Atkins & partners (Middle East)
Marina Pinnacle —NA— 280.0 m 73 National Engineering Bureau
Rose Tower 51,445 m² 333.02 m 72 Khatib & Alami Group
Mag 218 Tower —NA— 232.0 m(Roof) 66 Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners)
Khalid Al Attar Towers —NA— 294.0 m 65 Adnan Z Saffarini Engr

One doesn’t require extraordinary sight to admit such a gigantic improvement in the city. Visit Dubai to know what’s hidden in its treasury.

Image Credit: CreativeCommons/Nepenthes

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