Dubai low cost (English version)

Dubai land rich in oil and country of sheiks. Dubai capital of luxury, mega-yachts and 1 km tall buildings. Every one associate Dubai to multi-millionairs, VIP, Agassi vs Federer tennis match on the heliport of Burj al Arab, or Naomi Campbell who rented all the Burj Al Arab for her b-day party. Approching a travel agency, you cannot do without dreaming of Dubai, looking at flyers and catalogues and thinking “how much it will costs?”.

Probably you don’t know about a  “Dubai low cost“, you can easily approach contacting your travel agent or contacting us for some more information!

The travel “Dubai low cost” we are going to tell about, you will not discover information about how to travel in the first class with Emirates for free, or how to get a 50 € rate at Burj Al Arab during Xmas period.. We will give you some useful tips, in order to spend a low cost week in the amazing Dubai: Dubai low cost!.

There are many airlines, connecting any place in the world to Dubai: Fly Emirates with direct flights, Air France via Paris, Lufthansa via Munich or Frankfurt, Qatar Airways via Doha, and so on… During particular promotional period, some airlines give you chance to buy tickets at very low cost: in this period, for example, Qatar Airways is promoting a special low cost offer for Italian travellers, from Rome and Milan:

Vola a Dubai con tariffe speciali da 245 €, tutto incluso” – offerta ovviamente soggetta a restrizioni particolari e con posti limitati!

(Fly to Dubai at 245 € round trip tax included)

After having bought the ticket, you can choose your hotel low cost in Dubai.

Dubai Marina is usually the most expendive for hotels; it’s just the place where you can find Burj Al Arab and other 5* hotels by all the major chains. Deiradowntown of Dubai, not far from the airport and the creek – give us chance to find a very nice 4* or 5* hotel, with all the usual comforts for a hotel in Dubai:

  • gymnasium
  • swimming pool
  • night club
  • restaurants
  • bar & caffè
  • wi-fi
  • business center
  • trips

and so on. With some patiente and a bit of luck, we will be able to find a 50 € rate per room per night tax included. If you are not used to make bookings in internet, we do suggest to contact your travel agent, or to contact us.

According to the mentioned rates, a week for 2 persons, will cost less than 800 € (more – of course – local expenses). Nothing bad for a Dubai Low Cost experience

Of course this kind of trip is totally different from all-inclusive packages offered by Tour Operators, but it can be a nice alternative to discover Dubai without spending a lot.

The described Dubai Low Cost experience is based on rates really booked, even if the amount are rough: we do suggest to contact your travel agent, leave a comment below or to contact us for some more information!

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