Dubai weather

A misconception about the Dubai weather is that it is very hot and unbearable all throughout the year. While the temperature and humidity level skyrocket in the summer season, the skies are sunny in winter with cool nights. Dubai’s geographical location close to the Tropic of Cancer is mainly accountable for Dubai’s warm and sunny climate. Like most of the desert lands, Dubai features a hot and arid climate. The Dubai tourism is seasonal taking into account the climate of Dubai. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, it is best to be forearmed with the climate of Dubai, so that you plan your Dubai holidays accordingly. Dubai has only two seasons’ summer and winter.

The best season to visit Dubai for tourists is the winter season which falls from the month of November and lasts till March. The temperature during this period ranges from 23 C to 25° C. This season witnesses sunny skies, warm days and cool nights which may sometimes turn a bit chilly.This is considered the peak period for Dubai tourism, so you may find it a bit difficult to search hotel accommodations at bargain prices. All Dubai activities are in full swing during this season. It mostly rains in Dubai in the winter season in the form of short torrents or thunderstorms. On an average, Dubai receives rainfall for five days in a year.

Summer season in Dubai starts from mid April and lasts till the month of October. The temperature can soar up to 45°C in summer. Humidity is at is highest during this period. The days can be very hot to venture outside. This is the off season for Dubai tourism. Accommodation rates are cheap to lure visitors. So if you want to travel to Dubai on a budget and do not mind limiting outdoor Dubai activities, then this is the best time for you to visit. You can relax in your air-conditioned hotel lounge and just ignore the soaring temperature outside. The north westerly winds that blow out from Saudi Arabia reach the low pressure area in Dubai, formed during the summer. These winds are called Shamal in Arabic. The Shamals on reaching Dubai become impossible to predict and cause sandstorms which reduce visibility and may last up to several days.

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