Edward Maya Desert Rain Tour

For fans of Edward Maya, it’s finally time to rejoice. The time for Edward Maya’s Desert Rain Tour on 3rd March at Nasimi Beach, Atlantis is finally here.
Ilie Eduard Marian, born 29 June 1986 in Bucharest, Romania, known as Edward Maya to his followers, wears the many hats of musician, composer, producer, DJ and performer. Maya has been learning music since the age of 5 and his grandfather is a musician. So it’s no wonder, that Maya is considered a musical prodigy at the age of 24!
Maya’s music basically falls in two genres, house and electronic. He is influenced by traditional instruments from different countries. The start of his music career began when he worked on ‘Tornero’ which was performed in the Eurovision Song Contest. Maya, worked with Akcent to produce the album ‘No Tears’ which gave international hits like ‘Stay with me’, ‘That’s my name’ and ‘Lovers Cry’. Maya’s first song, ‘Stereo Love’ released in 2009, made it to the second position on the Romanian singles chart and was a huge hit in clubs all over the world. This was the first song released under Maya’s name and made him a huge international sensation. In 2010 Maya released his follow up single ‘This is my Life’ and his first album ‘Stereo Love’. ‘Mayavin Records’ was formed by Maya to maintain his own career and create opportunities for other music artists. ‘Desert Rain’, Maya’s third single was released on Christmas night worldwide in 2010. ‘Mono in Love’, Maya’s next new single is scheduled to be released by mid 2011.
While listening to Maya’s music, is itself an experience, nothing can beat the high you get, when see him perform live. In an interview Maya defined music as ‘the direct way to get through someone’s soul’. You come to the concert to listen to his songs, and you end up living them instead.

So all you Mayan fans, book Dubai flights to visit Dubai, and attend the concert now!

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