Eid Father – poetry by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

sheikh-mohammed-bin-rashid-al-maktoum-official-photo-bigEid Father

I present Eid greetings when Eid comes
With sweetest feelings and fine descriptions

For the one who is for us an Eid, bountiful river and shade
The one whose shade will never vanish even if all others vanish

The one who is for us a fortress against time, the one
Who is ever steadfast as mountains in his promises

I see in him Eid made manifest
Still he is greater, the example

With Eid he shares many features
Proving them alike in rank and glory

In Zayed and in Eid that which banishes boredom
Generosity, pleasure and celebration

Eid is but joy, pleasure and amusement
And Zayed for us the greatest joy, the master of men

Zayed’s right hand gives generously
Generosity is Eid’s nature, and honourable deeds

Zayed brings great joy to any land he visits
Just as Eid brings great joy

Zayed the path of nobility guides
And Eid the time of noble deeds and great gains

Zayed adds to the record of honour
Countless morals and great piety

Eid is incomplete when it comes
Only Zayed fills Eid’s hollow crescent*

Zayed for us is Eid at all times
Whilst Eid lasts but three days and nights

The joy of Eid lasts but an hour
But Zayed is ever a joy, first and last

So congratulate Eid for the honour
It has from Zayed gained

* – Eid marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and is declared when the crescent moon is sighted

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