Endocrinologist Consultant

Offerte di lavoro a Dubai e negli Emirati Arabi. Cercasi Endocrinologist Consultant

Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Category: Health Care
Ref #: HC–0505
PostedOn: 8/23/2012
Job Description: Duties:–

Endocrinologists examine patients with suspected endocrine issues and review previous physicians notes and test results. Patients may suffer from diseases or dysfunctions of the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, testes and ovaries. After conducting a physical exam and running lab tests, endocrinologists diagnose a patients illness and develop a course of treatment. In some cases, treatment may require surgery. Endocrinologists may also provide patients with information on diet, hygiene and other home treatments that will help manage their condition. Some endocrinologists also conduct clinical research in the hopes of developing new treatment methods. Others work at teaching hospitals or medical schools, where they teach students about endocrinology. Endocrinologists who operate their own practices must also perform business management and administrative duties.
Experience: 5 – 10 Years
Education: Bachelors Degree
Responsibilities: Positions : Endocrinologist.

The endocrinologist performs an examination, searching for signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance, disorders or diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes or thyroid malfunction. He might order tests to better understand a patient’s condition. For example, he might gauge whether a patient’s hormone levels are normal or determine whether a metabolism is abnormally slow or fast. He may assess the level of sugar and insulin within a patient’s body to diagnose diabetes. If an endocrinologist detects abnormalities or illnesses, he explains the condition to a patient, prescribes treatment and conducts follow–up visits. The endocrinologist counsels patients on subjects such as diet, hygiene and other areas of preventative maintenance for problems such as hypertension and cholesterol levels.

Skills: – Qualification :MBBS,MD/DNB/DM.
– Excellent career growth opportunity.
– Applicants Should have MOH license.
– Good Communication Skills.
– Must have 5 to 10 years of experience in the relevant field.

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