Good And Bad Sides Of Life In Dubai

Dubai is one the most dreamed cities in the world.

Lifestyle of Dubai has attracted huge number of people from around the world and today it thrives with the fastest growing population of expatriates!

Life in Dubai has many benefits that lure people from other countries to relocate to Dubai.

During last few years, Dubai has gained great success in transforming itself into a sparkling metropolis. The foremost infrastructure, world-class constructions, classic homes, duty-free shops and most importantly, the financial benefits for businesses, strict laws and so the lowest rate of crime have made this city the hub of expats and their life worthwhile.

But, the life in Dubai also has a not-so-good side.

As the city continues to flourish, the rates of residential areas and the property prices continue to increase. People now prefer to reside in the areas where property prices are comparatively low. This has eventually increased the number of commuters on the road causing gridlocks.

Temperature during summer also now goes higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

But, despite these negative factors, people still relocate to Dubai in search of better life.  Not only fantastic climate and sun-kissed, white sand beaches  invite people from all corners of the world to live in Dubai, the 100% tax-free salary still continues to pull people to make Dubai their home-city!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Saudi from Saudi Arabia

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