Heart Attacks on the Rise in Arab Women

Many people think that heart disease is predominantly a man’s problem, but even women can and do get heart disease. In fact, women worldwide are increasingly at risk of a heart disease with 8.6 million women dying each year from heart attack. The Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Congress in Dubai will be speaking about this health concern at the Woman’s Health Programme that will be held on 3rd April.

Dr. Latha Dulipsingh, Medical Director of Endocrine and Bone Health at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Connecticut, USA says that women wait before getting admitted when having a heart attack. Even physicians are unable to quickly recognize the “characteristic” patterns of chest pain and EKG changes as they are less frequent in women. Nearly 71% of women are unable to tell a heart attack, despite receiving early warning signs like sudden, unexplained extreme weakness that feels like flu. Moreover, many do not feel chest pain at all.

Women suffering from diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia  and smokers are at a higher risk of heart disease. Depending on the age, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight, it is calculated if the women is at a high risk. These days even young women fall for the trap as sometimes symptoms go undetected.

Research has proved that obesity is prevalent in women from urban areas and those from higher socio-economic strata. More than 50% of the women in urban areas of Jordon, Egypt, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia and Turkey were found obese, thus establishing the side effects of unhealthy, fast paced lifestyles in developed countries.

Along with morbid diseases, deficiency of Vitamin D also has the potential to aggravate the risk of heart disease in women. Prevention is the best cure as symptoms are likely to go unnoticed in women.  Comprehensive lifestyle modifications to promote heart health and avoid the onset of obesity, morbid illnesses, is the only solution.

The extensive 3-day congress Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Congress to be held in Dubai from 1 -3 April, is the largest gathering of obstetricians and gynecologists in the MENA region.

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