Highest temperature in Dubai

The hot temperatures in Dubai, together with the frozen AC present everywhere, causes a rapid steam of all the lenses, as you get out of a building.

Temperatures in the United Arab Emirates surged as high as 51.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday Jne 29th 2998. This temperature was recorded at Minhad Airport, an inland military base of the United Arab Emirates.
A spokesperson for the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology told the newspaper Abu Dhabi reached temperature of 48.3 degrees, while in Jebel Ali, temperature hit 49 degrees.
Dubai International Airport meteorology equipment recorded temperature of 46.7 degrees and Sharjah 48.5 degrees.

Dubai’s highest temperature ever was recorded on August 9, and August 15 in 1999: 47.5 degrees.

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