In the Limelight: Umair Khan 2010/2011 Total UAE Touring Car Class 2 Champion

Consistently winning  in 2010/2011 Total UAE Car Class 2 Champion, Umair Khan came into limelight. He scored a wining score of 136points which was about 57 more than his closest rival. Umair completed up to 8 out of 15 rounds throughout the course of the season. With his dedication towards car racing, Umair Khan received his well-deserved second title in two years.

Khan, an inhabitant of Pakistan, has been dwelling in Dubai for about 12 years. His carrier graph expresses everything that one wishes to know about him. When asked about his motorsport career, Khan used to reply that he was not able to do much about it, in his home country. However, Dubai proved lucky to him when he came in contact with a few people such as Zlatko Mulabegovic, Khalid Bin Hadher, Mohammed Al Owais and his brother Omran. In 1999, he tried his luck first time in a timed race at an Autocross. Since then, he has kept on doing things related to cars and automotive industry. Umair got a work experience of five years in automotive field, followed by running an automotive publication with Zlatko and Khalid. Khan said that he also helped Mohammed to setup LAP57. After a while, things kept on progressing, up till know, turning  Khan as a real winner.

Khan at his 31 year of age promoted Honda Civic Type R backed by Milwaukee, Hoover, NGK, Exedy, and Yokohama. During that time, he was on a stage of learning followed by a triumphant season.

Khan said that he and his team kept on working for a new car. This car was a bit heavier than other car with additional weight and new techniques. However, he kept on fighting for top spot, but his team didn’t get any mechanical issues. Therefore, my team used to focus on car setup and strategies. This taught me plenty of things such as concentrating for championship, consistent pace and staying on an aim to get top spot at car racing podium.

Pointing to the characteristics of Class 2 racing, Khan said that one needs to be fierce and competitive. Racer should learn from former champions such as Zlatko Mulabegovic, Spencer Vanderpal and Rupesh Channake.

Khan also admitted that he has not considered other racers as his rival in fact he considers them great friends and team mate who use to encourage him for his car racing championship. He said that last year his rival was Omran Al Owais. However, in this year his rival is Rupesh.

When asked about his continuous winning trend, he quickly replied that winning a championship (2010/2011) is not one-man show. It is complete team effort that pulls through. Asked about his success story, he doesn’t forget to mention the name of Mohammed Al Owais and his team of LAP57 boys. Khan also pointed out that without Master Rizvi it was very difficult to win the Class 2 Championship. Lastly, he didn’t forget to mention the names of his sponsors such as Milwaukee, NGK, Hoover, Exedy, and Yokohama.

Khan stressed that Dubai Autodrome with ATCUAE have provided a big platform by encouraging motorsport to an upgraded level. The Autodrome will become improved and advanced in upcoming days.

Asked about future plans, khan said that his main goal is to win 2011/2012 Championship.

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