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Syrian Proverbs

If your friend is honey, don’t lick him all The camel limped from its split lip A bad workman blames his tools Chose the neighbour before the house We can live without friends, but not without neighbours My brother and I against my cousin, My cousin and I against a stranger Blood is thicker than water What is past is dead Let bygones be bygones O departing one, leave behind good deeds! A good deed is never lost The rope of a lie is short The liar is sooner caught from the cripple Haste is the devil’s work and patience is from God the Merciful Patience is a virtue The son of a duck is a floater Like father, like son We taught them how to beg, they raced … Read entire article »


Do you need the word “Dubai” in arabic? Download it here

Hai bisogno della scritta “Dubai” in arabo? Scaricala da qui: click on the image to open it, or use the right button to save it: … Read entire article »


Italian English Arabic phrasebook – Greetings

Ciao Hi! Salam! سلام Buongiorno Good morning! Sabah el kheer صباح الخير Buona sera Good evening! Masaa el kheer مساء الخير Benvenuto Welcome! (to greet someone) Marhaban مرحبا Come stai? How are you? Kaifa haloka (male) / haloki (female) كيف حالك؟ Bene, grazie I’m fine, thanks! Ana bekhair, shokran! أنا بخير شكرا E tu? And you? Wa ant? (male) / Wa anti? (female) و أنت؟ Bene / Così così Good/ So-So Jayed/ ‘aadee جيد / عادي Grazie (mille!) Thank you (very much)! Shokran (jazeelan) (شكرا (جزيلا Prego You’re welcome! Afwan ألعفو Prego Good night! Tosbeho (male) / tosbeheena (female) ‘ala khair تصبح/ تصبحين على خير A dopo! See you later! Araka (male) / Araki (female) fi ma ba’d أراك في مابعد Arrivederci Good bye! Ma’a salama مع السلامة … Read entire article »

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