Invesp Announces Five New Destinations in Top Travel Blogs

Bloggers interested in the topic of travel now have an additional resource. Invesp added Italy, Dubai, Canada and Australia blogs to its already developed Travel category within Blogrank. This newly- created blog indexing program offers visitors a resource for travel blogs around the world.

“While other ranking systems focus on one or two factors to determine top blogs in different categories, Blogrank relies on more than 20 factors to measure each blog. Our unique ranking method ensures visitors that our lists are comprehensive and objective,” says Khalid Saleh, Invesp founder.

Blogrank indexes blogs from across the world and in varying topics, and ranks them according to a specific niche or category. The site currently ranks more than 100 blog topics ranging from Anthropology and Fashion to Social Media and Travel. Data is collected from more than 20,000 blogs and is then placed into a proprietary algorithm, using close to two dozen factors to determine rank. Among those are RSS membership, Yahoo and Google indexed pages, monthly visitors, pages per visit and links-to-page ratio, to name a few. In addition to posting by overall rank, each topic within a category can also be viewed by individual factors such as RSS feed, Alexa score or Technorati score. As additional blog information is gathered on varying topics, new categories will be released on Blogrank.

Blogrank is managed b­y Invesp, a Michigan-based e-commerce conversion optimization company. The program was developed in May 2009, and is among many of the e-commerce expert services offered by Invesp. To learn more about Blogrank, visit or call (800) 421-7393.

DubaiBlog ranked at #18 on the Dubai top 100 in blogRank.

dubai-blog-rank-keep-on-bloggingThis list tracks close to 20,000 blogs and evaluates them based on 20+ different factors. The algorithm use dis far superior to any other, IMHO. It took over 8 months to develop the algorithm.

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