Italian style in Dubai: Busnelli furniture

Busnelli, Italian Leader in the Interior Design and Furniture, approachs Dubai with a project for a villa in Jumeirah. The project of Busnelli Italian Interior Design is based on the balance between “al-haram” (what is forbidden) and “al-halal” (what is allowed), dialectic on which the Islam religion is based.

Italian designers are renowned for their elegant creations, not only in UAE but all over the world. UAE is fast emerging as a destination to own world class homes and Italian furniture is stealing the show in a big way. Interior designers working in hotspots such as the real estate sector in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE in general are increasingly going for Italian furniture, fittings and accessories.

Italy is the leading furniture exporter and the second largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Among the competitive factors determining the success of Italian furniture is the fact that the Italian furnishings industry is at the forefront in terms of quality of planning and product aesthetics, and Italian design has a clear role as a global trendsetter.

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