Klaus Boesch: the sand man gets to Dubai and UAE..


Klaus Boesch, a native Austrian born in 1963 and some art students in California worked on a research project for kinetic art, giving the birth to the raw idea of sand pictures.
Ever since a few people around the globe are creating sand pictures. The Sandman is the one who adapted this technique and brought it back to where it came from: The art!

I met first time Klaus Boesch in Dubai, during the Index Exhibition, in 2008 and I discovered those genial masterpieces.

seven-emirates-klaus-boesch-index-exhibition-dubaiEvery sandpicture is an interactive and dynamic piece of art. It is interactive on its own, creating random landscapes or other structures with a simple touch, reversing the frame, according to our fantasy. aufhaengen-klaus-boesch-index-exhibition-dubai

Each observer changes to a creator or say an artist by turning the picture upside down to let the game revolve and change the world again and again and again..collection-klaus-boesch-index-exhibition-dubai

To contact Klaus visit his website http://www.sandpicture.com/ and open the guestbook or leave a comment here.

Note: Background picture in the header is by Nico de Corato: all rights reserved.

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