Masdar City

masdar-city-dubai-green-economyMasdar City (arabo: مدينة مصدر, Madīnat Maṣdar) is open to the public and may be visited any time during both weekdays and weekends to experience our sustainable community.  Currently, the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology (MIST) consists of the first completed buildings and the students are its first tenants.  Upon arrival, you should simply inform our security that they’re visiting Masdar Institute where, among other interesting sights, they’ll experience our one-of-a-kind driverless electric vehicle, the PRT (Personal Rapid Transit).

Attached readers can find a map and directions to Masdar City; Masdar City is approximately 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi City.  Visitors can park their vehicle in the PRT station car park and take the PRT to MIST or park in the Visitors Parking area and take the shuttle bus located outside Block 3 which will take them to MIST.  There are times when the PRTs aren’t functioning due to periodic maintenance.  The Masdar Institute Campus also offers several retail outlets such as Sumo Sushi, Caribou Coffee, Organics Supermarket, and many more.

I would suggest visiting during working week which is Sunday to Thursday as weekends are usually quiet.  I am also attaching a link to a booklet called “Exploring Masdar City” which explains the various sustainability features of the development and which can be referred to during the visit to better understand what Masdar is aiming to achieve. ( )

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  • 15 Settembre 2011 at 14:11

    Salve sarei interessato ad averla come consulente per un viaggio conoscitivo a Dubai e Abu Dhabi. è possibile?

  • 15 Settembre 2011 at 14:32

    Certo architetto, la nostra organizzazione è a disposizione per accompagnarla. Ci contatti pure in privato all’indirizzo lasciandoci i suoi recapiti. Provvederemo a richiamarla per verificare la fattibilità dell’operazione.

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