New York Secret by Sara Romoli collection lands in Dubai

New York Secret by Sara Romoli collection lands in Dubai

Fashion corsets and retro tops are back in style and our New York Secret by Sara Romoli collection that has already created excitement in Italy and New York, land in Dubai with a model dedicated to the Emirate: Dubai Corset. The fashion corsets in the collection are designed by the international model Sara Romoli. She traveled around the world looking for unique and interesting patterns and fabrics for her designs. The overall concept was to take something old like from La Belle Époque and put a twist on it for today’s modern women. La Belle Époque was a wonderful time for fashion, a time when clothes showed off the female body with great elegance, wit and style.

Sara Romoli’s unique designs allow for the perfect balance of waist reduction, comfort and durability. They help provide the “hourglass” figure that many women find desirable and are designed for comfortable everyday wear as well as special occasions. Mix up the look by adding a skirt or a pair of jeans to make a great outfit for any formal event or just a night on the town when you want to make heads turn!

Are you looking to make a fashion statement this year? Look no further than these sexy, one-of-a-kind corsets that are sure to make heads turn!! Direct from the streets of New York, these Italian designed corsets are made of hand picked materials with eye catching designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Dubai Corset

Description: Beige and gold metallic pattern with black trim and front zipper.

Material: 50% poly and 50% nylon blend

Sizes: One size (adjustable to fit S,M,L)


Back view


These exquisite designs are made with boned panels. The boning helps keep the piece light weight while maintaining your body’s shape. The front has busk closures and the lace up back has 28 grommets. There is a 6” wide vanity panel in back for those less adventurous vixens who don’t want to show skin through the lacing. The corsets are lined with a heavy, smoothing cotton lining and will not stick to you even on those hot, sultry nights.

Those hot, fashionable corsets will fit a 32″-40″ bust and a 24″-30″ waist depending on how much lacing and skin you want to show. While lying flat, most styles measures 18″ in length in the front at the center point, 17″ – 19″ under the bust, 15″ – 17″ at the waist, 18″ – 20″ at the hips and 17″ in the back. Corsets should be fitted more by waist size and bust size rather than bra size.

The inside of these corsets have two layers of sturdy cotton in a complementing color. There are 14 bones and 12 panels that create and maintain the feminine hourglass shape. These corsets have a special busk front closure and lace up in buy daily cialis back with grommets (which are much stronger than eyelets). These corsets are designed for comfortable everyday wear as well as special occasions.

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  • 6 Novembre 2009 at 19:19

    These corsets are just beautiful! If only I was 20 or 40 years younger… I’d have one in every color & every style!

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    Me too….!!!!

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