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According to recent study, internet users in the Arab Region is just the 5% of the total internet users in the world (estimated in 1.5 billion users). Arabs are still just consumers rather than producers of internet contents. One of the limit is due to the actual impossibility of using Arabic alphabet for the registration of domain names (you can just use the transliteration of Arabic names with Latin alphabet); moreover the automatic translation from Arabic to other languages (and vice versa) is almost complex: translations are sometimes very funny when regarding English/Italian/English, just think what could happen from Italian to Arabic..

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The Arabic Blogosphere is a highly dynamic space; according to recent statistics, there are more or less 35,000 routinely updated blogs; most of the bloggers are young and male, whereas the highest proportion of female bloggers can be found among Egyptian sub-sphere.

Blog language usage differs among MENA (Middle East North Africa) countries:

–          Kuwaiti bloggers are split between Arabic and English users

–          Bloggers in the Eastern Mediterranean countries frequently use English in addition to or in substitution of Arabic

–          In Northern African countries (Maghreb) there is a mix of French and Arabic

–          In UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrein: English and Arabic is almost balanced

–          Egypt and Saudi Arabia: Arabic and in lower proportion English

This is one of the reason why DubaiBlog since the beginning, opened the doors to everybody, without taking care of his/her native languages; in DubaiBlog you can find posts in Italian, English, Spanish and – very soon – you will find in Arabic, French and many other languages. Some author uses to publish the same post in many languages; some times an author translates posts written by others, in a new language (mentioning the original post). All that, to offer an international service.

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