Omega Dubai Desert Classic 2012

The Omega Dubai Desert Classic, a superb event in the city organized at a gala level with an assemblage of various golf admirers across the world. It is planned every year to mark Dubai as the world’s famous city where everything is glimpsed with a wide prospective.

Since 1989, the 38th event, which commenced as the prestigious European tour including Asia for the first time, is wonderfully prearranged by the organisation Golf in Dubai at the Emirates Golf Club’s Majlis Course.

The Emirates Golf Club’s Majlis Course is the first glass course in the Middle East, which denotes its presence as the world’s top 100 gulf courses. Most of the golfers like to play in the course, but they say “the final hole is a bit difficult to pay because of a double green cot and notable presence of a lake.”

The Omega Dubai Desert Classic hosts one of the world’s renowned golfers like Tiger Woods, who visited the event for almost six times whereas he was a proud winner twice. Ernie Els is active participant for successive 12 different years as well won the competition thrice. The youngest winner Rory Mcllroy was just 19 years old when he won in 2009. In 2011, Alvaro Quiros was the competition winner. John Daly is the esteemed attraction of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic 2012.

The famous sponsors include The National Bank of Dubai, CNN, Emirate Airlines and BMW. The total prize money is USD $2.5 million.

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When: Monday 6th – Sunday 12th February 2012
Where: Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

Image Credit: Creativecommons/NASA

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