PhotoWorld Dubai- Pinhole of Imagination


Photography, a great combination of art and craft, is a unique profession where one has ample chances of showing skills. It is an excellent medium to put hidden talent on a piece of paper. With growing lifestyle and standard of living, people has chosen different sectors to enhance their business. At present, photography has become a new podium to earn living. The 7th International Digital photography and Imagining Exhibition for Middle East, PhotoWorld Dubai 2011 is a big platform for those who have great passion for photography. It is a gigantic event where artists will interact with common people along with many businesses.

With mind-blowing booms in the Photographic and Imaging Industry, numerous well renowned business typhoons have figure out many opportunities in such a wonderful profession. These days’ businesses have joined hand-in-hand with innovations and talents. The event organized on an extensive level offers quality of world famous exhibitors, suppliers, and manufactures. Many education institutes have come forward to promote such a brilliant event, which  highlight notable  exhibitors such as Digital albums, Digital imaging, Digital videos, and Mobile imaging. Further more, the PhotoWorld Dubai includes Analogue cameras, Digital cameras and consumables, Printers, Scanners and Studio accessories. Not only these things, such an event will offer Online photo services, Photo lab equipment, Optics and Software solutions for imaging.

It is great to notice that the International and Local Professional Photography Associations have organized series of workshops for those who have profound interest in digital imaging. The event gets popularity by international promotional campaign, which comprises editorial, advertising, and direct mail activity. Well organized by the leading exhibition organizer, the Channels Exhibitions, the event itself witnesses great talents of the world. Mark 2-4 May 2011 on Calendar to visit PhotoWorld Dubai organized at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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