Receive your next McDelivery by biofuel powered trucks

How would it sound, if you knew that the McBurger you’re chomping on was delivered in a truck fueled by biofuel produced using recycled vegetable oil? Ain’t it great! Well, that’s exactly Neutral Fuels and McDonald’s UAE have up their sleeves as they plan to partner to produce the first 100% environmentally friendly biofuel from used vegetable oil.

With economic help from Dubai FDI, the foreign investment promotion arm of the Department of Economic Development (DED), Government of Dubai, the partnership will open new avenues in renewable fuels as Dubai will be the first Emirate in the region to take the initiative in doing so. The eagerness shown by McDonald’s and its partner companies will encourage other firms as well to take up innovative ideas for diversifying their business plans.

Across UAE, McDonald’s will use approximately 20,000 litres vegetable oil available for conversion into biofuel. The first biodiesel production plant with an annual capacity of one million litres can procure one litre of biodiesel from the  same amount of vegetable oil. McDonald’s has vowed to use 100% of biodiesel to fuel its logistics fleet under a contract with Neutral Fuels. MacDonald’s efforts will drastically reduce its carbon footprint in UAE.

UAE is home to 7% of world’s crude oil supply due to which it is constantly under pressure to reduce its greenhouse emissions, more than US and Australia.

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