Red Bull X-Fighters 2012

The Red Bull X-Fighters is here again at Dubai, bringing along a rush of excitement and adrenaline. The event is starting from April 13th 2012. The riders will be chasing to the prize money of $1 million.

This freestyle motocross event will feature amazing stunts amidst stunning locations. It will be held on front of the Jumeirah Beach, against Dubai’s spectacular skyline.

This is the most eagerly awaited and reputed freestyle motocross event. John Sheeshan performed a spectacular jump in front of the 823 meter high Burj Khalifa in Dubai as a warm up for the main event.

These players are ready to quicken your heartbeats with dazzling stunts. The crowd will be on edge as they witness the daring antics of these motocross riders.

The riders will be leaping as high as 15 meters and 30 meters in distance with their bikes on the beach course. This will take place amidst the glittering lights of Dubai and the enchanting waters of the Persian Gulf.

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