Single il giorno di San Valentino? Ecco cosa fare in Abu Dhabi – What to do on Valentine’s Day if you are single in Abu Dhabi

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If the previous four pages have had you fighting back feelings of romance-induced nausea, relax – the mush-fest is over. Everyone knows that single people have more fun on Valentine’s Day (those who aren’t sat at home, sobbing into their ex’s old jumper and watching Love Actually for the 14th time, at least), and, from singles’ nights to evenings geared around pure self-indulgence, there’s plenty going on in town for those yet to find their Mr or Mrs Schnooky-wookums.

Friends Night at Bravo: Couples are banned at this quaint Spanish joint on February 13, as the focus is set firmly on celebrating platonic relationships. There’s a special Dhs155 set menu of hot and cold tapas for you and your chums to share, including a free jug of fruity Spanish beverage. Live band Gabyloo Duo will also be performing, meaning there’s no chance you’ll be left chewing over the crushing loneliness of your spinsterhood.
February 13. Bravo, Sheraton Abu Dhabi (02 677 3333).

All the single ladies…
It’s not rocket science girls – ladies night means free drinks, fun times and perhaps even the odd mild-mannered gent lingering in the shadows, ready to sweep you off your feet. On Tuesday, February 15 (the 14th is dry, remember) check out Chamas from 7pm, Cinnabar from 10pm and Étoiles from 11pm. Or, for a more chilled-out evening, check out Hemingway’s from 7pm and 3rd Avenue from 8pm.

Sports at Heroes: Those in need of some respite from the lovey-dovey onslaught will be pretty safe within the ultra-masculine walls of Heroes. Simply hole up in front of a plasma screen, order a jug of something hoppy and enjoy the sports fixtures until the whole romance thing has blown over. Be sure not to miss the Manchester derby at 4.45pm on Saturday, February 12. Could be worth lighting some candles for that one.
Heroes, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi (02 621 0000).

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party at Relax@12: While couples downstairs at the hotel’s poolside restaurant gaze into each other’s cold, affectionless eyes and wonder just when it was that their relationship became so depressingly formulaic, up on Aloft’s rooftop bar the single folk will be having the time of their lives. There’s 50 per cent off all drinks from 5pm, with DJ Chad Phunk orchestrating proceedings in his usual, inimitable style.
February 13. Relax@12, Aloft Hotel, (02 654 5138).

Singles Traffic Jam at Eight: The regular night of choice for the city’s prowlers is set to be buzzing in the next couple of weeks, as party people celebrate their singledom in the usual fashion. For the uninitiated, a green badge means ‘up for it’, orange suggests the wearer could be convinced, and red means something along the lines of ‘my other half could probably bench press you before breakfast’. Little tip: claiming colour blindness doesn’t work.
February 13. Eight Restaurant & Bar, Souk Qaryat Al Beri (02 558 1988).

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