Souks of Dubai

Are you tired of long walks for shopping at humongous malls, shiny, sleek stores and ultra-modernity? Are you really dying to experience the real essence of Dubai- the Arab World? Visit souks in Dubai. Dubai, though it has emerged as the ultra modern city, it has treasured its culture and the real essence by savoring the souks.

Souk in Arabic means the market or place where goods are brought or exchanged. You can have everything that carries the soul of the rich Arab Culture in Dubai, may it be the spices, silks or gold in the souks! Dubai souks are the local Arab market places where the transactions of goods take place. As the time transitions, items on sale in the souks have changed from spices, silks and Ittar –the Arabic Perfume to latest electronic gizmos, gold and designer apparels.

Stroll through the souks located in Deira and Bur Dubai, enjoy shopping at the bargain rates and savor the Arabic real culture!

The famous souks are:

Dubai Gold Souk
Gold in Dubai Gold Souk is sold at reasonable price determined by weight rather than design and craftsmanship and boasts different shades such as pink, white, yellow or green can be seen in one piece along with designs.

Dubai Perfume Souk
You can buy traditional Arabic ittars, latest designer perfumes at the perfume souks that are situated on the Sikkat Al Khail Street, Dubai. At Dubai Perfume Souk, essence in the form of compressed powder, crystal, rock or wood are also sold.

Dubai Spice Souk
Spice souks have risen to fame as ‘the paradise for food lovers’ as it sells cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, incense, dried fruit and nuts straight out of large open sacks. Theses souks are located opposite the gold souks in Deira.

Dubai Textile Souk
Dubai textile Souk flaunts traditional as well as modern outfits of fabrics of different textures, colors and designs. Dress materials with intricate work as well as simple cotton designs along with unique local specialties which cannot be found anywhere else in the world are sold here.

Dubai Fish Souk
Though smelly and crowded, the fish souk is full of loads of fresh fish which are sold in an immediate bargain bazaar. Variety of fish sold at Dubai Fish Souk includes King Fish, Rock Cod, Tuna, Lobster, Crab, King Prawn, Squid, Pomfret, Sardine et al.

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