A 30%-jump in gold jewellery sales at Dubai Shopping Festival with a bigger consumer interest expected for St. Valentine’s Day.



In the first two weeks of the festival, Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group has reported a 30 per cent growth in sales of its ‘Bag of Fortune’ campaign from participating jewellery retail outlets in Dubai, already having given away seven kilos of gold in raffle draws to residents and tourists of various nationalities. Gold prices have fallen in the last week intensifying consumer interest in the precious metal, with many using the opportunity to buy more gold and jewellery. Another input is a real chance to win half a kilo of gold, instant cash prizes and a bumper five kilos of gold at the end of the festival.


Продажа ювелирных изделий и золота в Дубае в первой половине торгового фестиваля увеличилась на 30% по сравнению с тем же периодом прошлого года. Несомненно, день Святого Валентина приподнесет новые сюрпризы, что не может не радовать ярых покупателей…Самое привлекательное то, что в этом году золотые магазины во время фестиваля разыгрывают среди своих покупателей 21 кг. золота. Участие в розыгрыше принимает каждый, потративший в одном из них не менее 500 дх. Ежедневно в течение всего фестиваля разыгрывается полкило золота, а в последний день будет разыграно пять килограммов.

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“Sogni dorati” a Dubai – Golden Dreams in Dubai



La perla degli Emirati Arabi, Dubai, oggi è un “ponte dorato” tra la modernità del mondo occidentale e le tradizioni antiche della realtà araba. Due mondi completamente diversi, strettamente collegati grazie ad un fattore vitale nei nostri tempi – affari, la parola forse sconosciuta agli arabi stessi fino la scoperta del petrolio nel 1958 ad Abu Dhabi e nel 1966 a Dubai. Si stima siano presenti riserve per più di 100 anni, che significa gli Emirati Arabi non smetteranno di stupire ancora per molto tempo. Architettura futurista, ambiente sano e favorevole alla realizzazione di ogni business progetto e … commercio principale d’oro, tanto oro da far girare la testa ai molti ma arricchire pochi! Ma da dove arriva questo metallo prezioso a Dubai e come?


Being the pearl of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai today is also a “golden bridge” between the western modern world and the peculiar traditions of the Arab reality. The two absolutely different worlds, tightly connected with each other due to a fundamental element of nowadays – business, the word maybe remained unknown even to the Arab nation itself before the discovery of oil deposits in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai (1958; 1966). The local oil reserves are estimated to be enough for more than 100 years which means the United Arab Emirates will keep on surprising the whole world for still a long time. Futuristic architecture, healthy and favourable environment for setting up any business activity and … the majour gold market with so much gold making dizzy almost everyone, still making wealthy only the few ones! But where does all this gold come from and how?

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Tricky reality of “Gold Fever” outside the borders of Dubai

dubai-gold-dubai-oro-investments-investimentiWith economies’ financial health worsening throughout the whole world, more and more people are directed these years toward huge investments in African gold industry. Needless to say, rich businessmen or simply those who are in possession of much cash at hand, being in a hurry to get rid of it due to unstable currency policies, are better equipped during crisis periods to make more intelligent decisions. But is it enough to have some capital in order to ensure your cloudless future based either on gold transactions or gold deposits? It may be, but you will have to learn first how to get immune to fraud.

The tricky reality of gold fever springs from the fact that today, together with the increased demand for this precious metal, internet gold fraud is also expanding at break-neck speed. What is it and how does it work? Any gold buyer naturally searches for the best price, no matter what the purpose of an investment is, and here is a true trap. On the internet, one may easily find numerous offers from West African Coast countries (Ghana, Sierra Leone, Republic Mali etc), represented mainly by Nigerians, selling their gold dust or bars at a price that is far below the market price. All the offers look too tempting and seem to promise pure success. BUT, to put it bluntly, don’t get into ecstasy so much in advance…

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Is a share of google stock worth more than an once of gold?

Google or Gold?

By Rick Aristotle Munarriz
November 30, 2005 | http://www.fool.com/investing/high-growth/2005/11/30/google-or-gold.aspx


What do a share of Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and an ounce of gold have in common? Well, until recently, neither one appeared to be barreling toward $500. Yet here they are.

It may not seem like a fair comparison. We don’t drape Google medals around bowing heads atop the highest platform at the Olympics. No jeweler will sell you a 14-karat Google necklace. When a music artist sells 500,000 CDs, no one is saying that the record has gone Google.

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Dubai First Royale Mastercard: the Royal credit card, with gold and diamonds

Dubai First Royale Mastercard

Dubai First Royale Mastercard®

Do you think to be a VIP, because you just activated your new credit card, platinu, or black? Forget about it!

A small piece of plastic, makes the difference between VVIP and applicant-VIP: here you Dubai First’s Royale MasterCard®, the luxury credit card in very limited edition (only nine pieces per day), with high exclusive benefits and also high exclusive materials. A real Royale credit card

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