Team Giorgi Offshore in Dubai (2008) – Pictures Gallery

With more than a decade of experience in Class 1, dedication, commitment and charisma are the terms that best describe GiorgiOffshore.

2008/9 were landmark years for the team; running a Michael Peters-designed, Victory-built hull, powered by V12 power-plants, the team took their first Grand Prix podiums, finishing third in the Mina Seyahi Grand Prix in 08 and a second podium, finishing third in qualifying, in Abu Dhabi in 09.

For throttleman Nicola Giorgi, son of charismatic team owner, Gianni, 2010 will be his 10th consecutive World Championship season, with Nicola one of only a few pilots to have participated in more than 70 Grands Prix.

Here some picture of Giorgi Offshore in Dubai 2008

Team Country Italy
Workshop -Viareggio (Lu) Italy
Office – Montecatini Terme (Pt)
Team Owner GiorgiOffshore
Team Manager Gianni Giorgi
Pilots/Crew Members Nicola Giorgi (Italy) – Throttleman
Riccardo Calugi – Team Coordinator
Carlo Agostini – Crew Chief/Chief Mechanic
Giuseppe Cracchiolo – Mechanic
Angelo Dell’Omodarme – Electrician/Mechanic
Alfredo Francisconi – Mechanic
Mauro D’Alessio – Chief Electrician
Luca Agostini – Engineer
Antonio marchi – Chef
Nadia Savova – Travel Coordinator
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