The proper diet during Ramadan

During the Holy month of Ramadan, faithful has to fast till the sunset, when they can join relatives and friends for the iftar. Some healthy tips will help faithful in not stressing too much their body; the long period of fasting is a hard proof for the metabolism.

  • eat high-fibre food, vegetables, fruits with skin during suhur
  • to balance the lack of water during the day (during each day we should drink 10-12 glasses of water), drink fruit juices and eat fruit with high content of water (i.e. watermelon) during iftar and suhur
  • eat food from the five food groups during iftar
    • fats, sweets, oils and other food
    • milk and derivates
    • meat and derivates
    • fruit and vegetables
    • bread, pasta and cereals


  • do not drink too much tea during iftar, cause its diuretic effect will let you expell precious mineral salts during the day
  • do not exceed  with fast food and precooked food, neither with the food in general during the iftar
  • do not exceed with the food when the fasting period finishes

Beyond the religious meaning of the fasting, many dieticians agree on the positive aspects of such practice: the internal system is purified, fasting helps to vanquish a series of disturbances related with the feeding (inflammation of the colon, of stomach ache, obesity, hypertension)

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