The Streets Live in Dubai

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Music, a soul of a singer, is a refined quality that truly comes from the heart. Nobody will disagree if anyone says that everyone loves music. A good performer adds style to the songs and revives mood of the spectators. If you are die hard fan of Mike snapper, popularly known as the  streets by his stage name, you have a great chance to attend his live concert especially on 18th March 2011 right at a perfect location of Barasti Bar, Jumeirah.

Michael Geoffrey Mike skinner is well-known by the name of the streets who is a great British rapper, musician and record producer. Skinner, a keyboard lover and music composer, has been writing fantastic songs at the age of 15. Originally the streets started as a group, but slowly it became one man army laid down by Mike skinner. The success story of skinner instigated after his first release “Has It Come to This?” up till now he has composed subsequent singles such as “Don’t Mug Yourself”, “Weak Become Heroes” and “Let’s Push Things Forward”. His latest hit is “Fit but you know it” which has been rated at number 4 position in the UK Charts.

At present, the streets has again rejuvenated as a band which includes Chris Brown on keyboards, Wayne Vibes on guitar & bass, Kelvin Mark Trail on backing vocals, Johnny Drum Machine as drummer as well as Magic Mike on samplers. Mike has performed in various countries and across the world. He has an ability to light a fire on the stage that is enough to lure anybody.

Unless you will not attend the live performance, you will not understand significance of the streets. What are you waiting for! Just visit Dubai with cheap flights to Dubai and become a part of solo event.

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