Top 10 Ordinary-Still-Fabulous Things To Do In Dubai

Top 10 Ordinary-Still-Fabulous Things To Do In Dubai

‘Straordinary’ is the only right word associates with Dubai, what with its state-of-the-art architectural structures, luxury Dubai hotels, posh resorts, outrageously expensive restaurants, lavish shopping malls and the likes. However, there are a lot of straordinary activities in Dubai which, if done, can bring pleasure in its purest form, even though now they are considerated “normal” ones for people living in Dubai. After all, when one goes to foreign terrain, one only needs to walk and explore and wonder at new discoveries of different culture, practices and norms. Here is a list of top nine ordinary, yet fabulous stuffs one can do in Dubai.

1. Dip toes in Arabian Sea of the Gulf:

The serenity of the Arabian is enough to turn anyone’s head. There are so many things to do on the beach: surfing on the sea, going for a speedboat ride, bathing in the warm water and so on. And if venturing out into the sea on a windy day is not a wise option for some, enjoying photo sessions with the majestic Burj Al Arab in the background provides much pleasure.

2. Ski Dubai

This artificial mountain-themed snow haven has been created against the backdrop of a hot tropical desert city. Probably it was built keeping in mind the Americans and the Europeans, most of whom enjoy dry cold and wet climates. One can enjoy skiing, tobogganing, snow boarding, ice skating or simply fiddling in the snow 365 days a year.

3. Enjoy a midnight snack:

After all the sightseeing and shopping till late night, one wants to enjoy a sumptuous snack in midnight. This is just what neon-lit Satwa area offers. The Pakistani curries and the mouthwatering Shwarmas would leave one wanting more.

4. Drink together with beautiful panoramas:

With such wonderful architectural beauty and lush sea side panorama around, one is not short of great views that compel the most stoic of people to bring out their cameras. There is the Bar 44 at the Grosvenor House with its elegant champagne menu, or Vu’s Bar for excellent drinks. Then there is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel from where the majestic Burj Al Arab could be relished. Then of course, there is the classic view of Arabian Gulf Sea from Sho Cho where one can hear the crashing of waves on sand.

5. Live the sport:

Dubai has been known to patronize various sports. Cricket tournaments featuring the Asian countries are scheduled every year. There are tennis tournaments and golf tournaments as well. Ski Dubai gives tourists plenty of opportunity to participate in sports, rather than watching and cheering.

6. RRelax in a spa:

The long tiring day of shopping and sightseeing can only be assuaged by the ultimate lavishness and relaxation in a luxury spa. Cleopetra’s spa is known to be the mother of all spas and is also priced affordably.

7. Picnic at Creekside Park:

This fabulous park is a favorite haven for picnics with its kids’ facilities and shades. The smell of fresh bread, barbecue chicken, sizzling beef and grilled vegetables would make the stomach grumble with hunger.

8. Extreme shopping:

Malls are the life of Dubai. Bustling with people of all ages, malls are home to exclusive designer clothes, state-of-the-art gadgets, gorgeous shoes, Cineplex and what not. It is quite possible to spend an entire day in a Dubai mall.

9. Check out the local supermarkets:

Surely they are not as sophisticated as the glitzy malls, but the local supermarkets –full of daily items like flour, oil, fresh vegetables, nuts, rose water, dates—are full of energy of the locals. It’s simple enthralling.

10. Catch a local bus:

Most tourists would opt for a private car service provided for a hotel for rides around the spectacular city or just walk on sidewalks. But catching a local bus is the most useful way to mingle with the locals and understanding their culture. There are workers’ cafés and expatriates community to explore and discover which fills the mind with pleasure.

Time to go out of the confines of the hotel room and explore the magic of Dubai!

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