Top Nightclubs In Dubai

Top Nightclubs In Dubai. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Barasti is an award winning vibrant beach venue full of excitement. With great music, a delectable menu and delicious cocktails - it's no wonder Barasti has become an icon of the Dubai social scene.
Dubai is one of the few megacities awake even during the night, that’s why can easily be called one of the heavens of Asia. Thanks to the incredible nightlife offered by Dubai to its countless number of travellers and residents, the city has already garnered a place among the most fun-to-live cities in the whole world. Anybody – no matter what their age is or what their interests are – can come across true enjoyment and happiness in this city.
In order to truly acquaint oneself with the nightlife in Dubai, tourists and residents must visit its famous clubs, some of which are popular in other continents as well. However, not all clubs in this city provide the same kind of excellent service. Neither are they equal in terms of the enjoyment they offer. As a result, tourists should try to visit only the top clubs in the city. Here is a list of the top 10 nightclubs in Dubai:

1 Barasti:

Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Barasti is an award winning vibrant beach venue full of excitement. With great music, a delectable menu and delicious cocktails – it’s no wonder Barasti has become an icon of the Dubai social scene.

2 Boudoir:

This is both a lounge and a restaurant. It not only offers excellent food but is also designed in the most unique and exciting way. The interior night club offers an atmosphere characterized by soothing lighting – that matches the atmosphere of classic French Renaissance times. Moreover, the entire interior of the night club looks vibrating – thanks to the magnificent arts, dark colors and excellent fabrics.

3 Bridges:

The nightclub is situated in the lobby. The club offers a walkway along the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. As a result, people can hang out with their friends or coworkers here. The club offers excellent tea and specialty coffee. However, the main attraction of the restaurant lies in its pastries, all of which are homemade. Moreover, a range of specialty cocktails, wines, beers and champagne are offered.

4 Carters bar and lounge:

The club offers an unique Egyptian ambience. It is most famous for its offering of a range of exquisite cocktails. The food is also of outstanding quality. The club also owns a live band – called the “Big Life”; this band regularly performs in the club’s “Wafi Gardens”. There is also TV room – decorated as a lounge – that lies next to the club room. Visitors can enjoy all important games, such as the Premier League, there.

5 The Sapphire Lounge:

The club offers such a stylish atmosphere that deludes the visitors in thinking that they are enjoying a superb night in New York, Paris, Sidney or any other megacity in the West. The club also has incorporated the concept of “Everybody’s House” in its atmosphere; Guest DJ Dennis Ferrer has been the creator of the same concept in Sydney.

6 Ginseng:

The lounge offers modern Asian Tapas, combined with a range of contemporary cocktails. The interior is wrapped in Chinese black and red murals that add to Eastern styled décor.

7 The apartment lounge:

The lounge plays popular music all night long from Tuesday to Saturday. It even features its own DJ.

8 Trilogy:

The club occupies a space of three floors and is located right in the centre of Dubai. More precisely, it is situated in the corner of Souk Madinat Jumeriah, where all the great shopping malls of the city can also be found. Not surprisingly, the club is perfect the most sophisticated members of Dubai’s society.

9 The Cigar Bar:

This bar is famous for its Cuban cigars as well as various designer scotches, vintage ports and cognacs. It is also features elegant extra-large furniture made of dark oak.

10 Mix:

This holds the title of being the sole Super Club in the city – thanks to its huge space and elegant design. In fact, a total of 900 people can easily fit into the Super Club at the same time. Except on Saturdays, the club stays open for six hours (9 PM to 3 AM).

11 Zinc:

This occupies a space at Crown Plaza Dubai and is most for its Hip Hope and RnB music.

12 Vu’s Bar:

It can be found at the Emirates Tower. There are over 200 different cocktails in the bar – all of which are worth a lot and thus are more appropriate for the rich, elite group of the society.

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