UNIGLOBE in Dubai… but also in Jordan, in Iraq…

In 2008, Dahlan Travel & Tours (DTT), a privately-owned agency with locations in Jordan and Iraq, joined the UNIGLOBE network as a Global Partner. Established in 1996, they provide clients with corporate travel management services, specializing in inbound travel to Jordan, meetings and incentive travel planning and is a GSA to several regionally based airlines.

Since joining UNIGLOBE as a Global Partner, Hani Dahlan, owner of Dahlan Travel & Tours, has experienced the benefit of being associated with a global network. “In the short time we have been associated with UNIGLOBE , it has added ten years of experience to my business. The products, services and network are one of a kind and if I wanted to get this expertise on my own, it would cost my company not only more money, but a lot of time to make them happen. With UNIGLOBE , we are exposed to systems and products that are certainly not available in our region and are giving us an advantage over our competitors. Being part of a global name gives me an edge over other agencies in the Middle East through the networking opportunities and the support of a great team.”

To learn more about UNIGLOBE Dahlan Travel & Tours, please visit www.dahlan.com/.

Are you going to plan visit to Jordan or Iraq? UNIGLOBE Dahlan Travel & Tours can be your perfect reference..

going to plan a visit to Jordan or Iraq.

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