Visiting Dubai For The First Time?

As an exciting beginning of the New Year, you are visiting Dubai but it’s for the first time, remember that Dubai’s weather is warm almost throughout the year.

You do not need sweaters even during winter seasons in Dubai. But take a jacket along if a visit to Ski Dubai is on your cards.

When you are out to see the wonders in Dubai, hiring a taxi is the best option as they charge by meter. The other option is traveling by buses that are clean and air-conditioned. The charges of the buses are fixed and considerably cheap. Either of them can be boarded at Deira Taxi stand.

Being a strict follower of Islam, Dubai sticks to its rules and regulations stringently. So, if you are caught taking photos of military sites or in mapping activities, you are likely to get arrested. Also, refrain from taking photographs of Muslim women as it is considered extremely rude in Muslim religion and culture. Dressing up appropriately according to Arabic standards is essential for women travelers. They are advised to cover their body from neck to the feet when out in the city to keep any harassment at bay. Beach-wear is fine only in hotel areas and hotel- beaches.

Keep in mind, you can drink alcohol only in clubs, bars and hotels in Dubai. Restaurants situated outside the hotels don’t offer alcoholic drinks. Though tap-water in Dubai is safe to drink, carry larger amounts of bottled water as tap-water tastes little metallic.

Also, do not forget that shopping malls, restaurants and hotels overflow with the people especially on Thursdays and Fridays as the workweek in Dubai begins on Saturday and ends on Friday which is an official weekly off. All major credit cards are accepted at the malls and hotels. Though bargaining for prices is not possible in shopping malls, you may ask if the price is a fixed price and then ask for the last price. But if you realy enjoy and love bargaining for prices, local markets or souqs in Dubai are the ideal and terrific places to go!

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