Water Engineering

Offerte di lavoro a Dubai e negli Emirati Arabi. Cercasi Water Engineering

Location: Saudi Arabia
Job Category: Fork Lift & Heavy equipment
Ref #: FH–0065
PostedOn: 3/28/2013
Job Description:
Job Duties:–

The job of a water technician requires good organizational skills. She must carefully follow daily procedures to test the water and give excellent attention to every detail of her findings. She has to have the knowledge and expertise to adjust chemical levels and remove harmful bacteria and organisms to make the water drinkable and visually appealing. The job requires her to be informed of local, regional, state and federal water quality standards and make sure they are consistently met.

Experience: 1 – 5 Years
Education: Higher Secondary
Skills: The ability to read and interpret gauges and other measuring devices is required for this job. A water technician must also be skilled at using chemicals and other additives to test water samples and make adjustments as necessary to guarantee its safety and the quality of taste and smell. Good listening skills are required to follow precise instructions provided by the water plant operator.

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