Dubai Cares – Walk for Education 2012

With a privilege to work for such a noble cause, it’s great to join hand-in-hand in support of Dubai Cares, which is organised for millions of children who face much trouble in pursuit of education as well for those who have never attended school.

The event is prearranged in the United Arab Emirates, known as Dubai Cares, is the world’s cause for fighting the cycle of poverty worldwide. To encourage this, the UAE Community will participate in 3-km – ‘Walk for Education 2012.’

Dubai Cares, an event for human cause, is planned on a large scale where you get an opportunity to meet many people and interact with new friends. The walk will start at 9:00am on 17th of February 2012, and there will be fun activities at the Jumeirah Beach Park.

For those living in the United Arab Emirates, they can register on-site at the Jumeirah Beach Park for a phenomenal cause – ‘Walk for Education 2012’ on the day of the event between 8:00am to 9:00am. The organisation can participate by mailing at along with detailed information including the organisation’s name and a number of participants. Participation fee is AED 30 per person and free for children below five years.

To encourage people out there for such an educational cause, right away book flights to Dubai and avail hotels in Dubai as well denote your presence in the city.

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