Dubai enjoys the world’s highest per capita consumption of gold.



Being a key destination for gold and jewellery shopping, Dubai, true to its reputation as the ‘City of Gold’, features over 800 gold outlets (the densest concentration in the world), including over 275 shops in the Gold Souk, its famous jewellery market. This all means there is a dazzling variety of choice available. Research shows that 76 per cent of all its residents own gold while 80 per cent intend to own gold in the next year, thus the per capita gold consumption in Dubai results to be the highest in the world.


Soprannominata “The City of Gold“, la città dell’oro, Dubai viene considerata la capitale della gioielleria in Medio Oriente. Il “consumo” pro capite d’oro è il più alto del pianeta, con oltre due terzi della popolazione (76%) che acquista manufatti nel metallo nobile almeno una volta all’anno. E questo accade per due ragioni: la ricchezza della piazza e il regime fiscale assolutamente favorevole che permette di comprare il prezioso materiale a prezzi più vantaggiosi.


Дубай лидируют по потреблению золота на душу населения. Более двух третей населения города (около 76%) приобретают золотые изделия хотя бы раз в год. Оснащенный современными системами кондиционирования главный Золотой рынок расположен на окраинах Дейры (старого Дубая) и считается одним из самых крупных розничных рынков не только на Аравийском полуострове, но и в мире.

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Is a share of google stock worth more than an once of gold?

Google or Gold?

By Rick Aristotle Munarriz
November 30, 2005 |


What do a share of Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and an ounce of gold have in common? Well, until recently, neither one appeared to be barreling toward $500. Yet here they are.

It may not seem like a fair comparison. We don’t drape Google medals around bowing heads atop the highest platform at the Olympics. No jeweler will sell you a 14-karat Google necklace. When a music artist sells 500,000 CDs, no one is saying that the record has gone Google.

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