Flying over the sea in Dubai at 150 mph with Giampaolo Montavoci

It is December, but today it is very hot, even for being in Dubai. Excitement is at the maximum level. The preparation seems to be a ritual, together with friend and driver Giampaolo Montavoci, talking to me and anticipating what we are going to do, how the radio works, and other things. I have the impression, that I will personally drive the powerboat.. Once worn the suit, I get an incredible sensation of heat.. as well as I run with my motorbike.

I’m not sure, I am able to hide a mix of emotion and tension. Giampaolo realizes that, and immediately calm me down, while we are going to the powerboat, that waits for us in the sea of Dubai. Once on, I realize that everything is true. Yesterday, when Montavoci was showing me the cockpit (very similar to the jet one), we were on the ground, and everything seemed to be very far. Now we are on the powerboat, in the sea of Dubai, and a light roll reminds me all.

We are inside the powerboat now.. last details, then we are ready to start. SCAM engines 12 cylinders 8.2 litres, mumbling up to one istant ago, start roaring. I share my emotion with Montavoci.. He simply replies “This is the minimum RPM for the powerboat, we are just leaving the bank..”

First lap is just a launching one, but it is enough to take my breath away. My heart is going crazy, even though Montavoci shows everything as simple things to do.. After some turns, I get used to the powerboat; at that moment Montavoci’s voice helmet vibrates in my helmet “ that you understand how it works, we can go..

Not even the time to listen to the last word, that the sea of Dubai, disappears under us. Instinctively I look for something to keep hold of. Sounds of engines is so high it seems they are going out of the powerboat..  buoys come to us at amazing speed, and at the same amazing speed disappear behind us.

At once, change in engine roars, let me get back to reality.. and Montavoci’s voice confirm that “..let’s go back to Dry Pit!” The dream is finished, but the smile on my lips and emotion in my heart will not finish so soon.

Veneta Marina was established by Giampaolo Montavoci in 2002, running boats in Class 1, Class 3, Endurance, Wet-byke and Pleasure Navigation. In 2005 the Team introduced a new and more competitive racing package – a Michael Peters-designed, Victory hull, supplied by SCAM and powered by Scam V12s -signaling the launch of a new collaboration between Veneta Marina and SCAM.

Giampaolo Montavoci

Date of birth: 10/12/1959

Place of birth: Venice, Italy

Residence: Venice, Italy

Giampaolo Montavoci made his racing debut in 1983 in Class 3, 2litre and his Class 1 debut in 1998 in St Petersburg with GiorgiOffshore. He won the Italian Class 3, 4litre title in 1995 and the S-2 European title in 1999. In 1997 he established the ‘Associazione Motonautica Venezia’, an innovative association working to introduce environmentally friendly products and technologies into the marine racing world. In 2002 he created Veneta Marina with pilots and boats competing in Class 1, Class 3, Endurance, Wet-byke and Pleasure Navigation. He took his first Class 1 pole position win and podium in Garrucha in 2006 and second podium in Slovenia.

La barca Classe 1

Number/Name:    8 Foresti & Suardi – Roscioli Hotels
Length:     13.02 m
Beam:         3.60 m
Weight:        4800 kgs
Engines:    Lamborghini-SCAM 8.2 litre, V12
Valves:        48
Cylinders:    12
Power:        880hp per engine @ 7700RPM
engine will run to max 8500RPM
Builder:    Victory Team
Designer:    Michael Peters
Construction:    Carbon/Kevlar Composites
Hull:        Catamaran

Headquarter: Venice: Cannaregio 6404, 30121 Italy

Trondheim: Gryta 2, 7010 Norway

Owner: Giampaolo Montavoci

Throttleman: Giampaolo Montavoci

Driver: Kolbjorn O. Selmer

Team manager: Per Jorgensen

Team crew

Crew chief : Giampaolo Maschietto

Chief Mechanic : Davide De Lorenzi

Mechanic : Egidio Funes Nova

Mechanic Assistant : Umberto Dalla Valentina

Mechanic Assistant : Thomas Buxrud

Truck Driver : Mauro Serena

Hospitality : Roberto Serena

SCAM: Franco Alloni

SCAM Technician: Moreno Lotto

SCAM Engineer : Fabio Galimberti


Foresti & Suardi


Marco Sistema Mare

GFN Gibellato Forniture Nautiche





REM Chemicals

Details: VENETA MARINA S.r.l.

Cannaregio 6404 – 30121 Venice, Italy

Ph/Fax +390415201427


Gianpaolo Montavoci – Mobile +39335317760 –


Gryta 2 – 7010 Trondheim, Norway

Fax +4773574801


Kolbjorn O. Selmer – Mobile +4793874000 –

Team Manager

Per Jorgensen – Mobile +4790041041 –

Crew Chief

Giampaolo Maschietto – Mobile +393405219458 –

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