Week end in Dubai

The Islamic calendar or Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar (in Arabic: التقويم الهجري‎; at-taqwīm al-hijrī; Turkish: Hicri Takvim) is based on 12 lunar months (alternating 29 and 30 days) in a year of 354 or 355 days, used to date events in . It is applicated in many Muslim countries, since 622 a.C. , year during which the Islamic prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina (Hijra).


Islamic Months:

  1. Muhàrram – محرم 30 days
  2. Sàfar – صفر 29 days
  3. Rabì‘ al-àwwal – ربيع الأول 30 days
  4. Rabì‘ ath-thàni – ربيع الثاني 29 days
  5. Jumàda al-àwwal – جمادى الأول 30 days
  6. Jumàda ath-thàniyya o Jumàda al-akhìra – جمادى الثانية 29 days
  7. Ràjab – رجب 30 days
  8. Sha‘bàn – شعبان 29 days
  9. Ramadàn – رمضان 30 days
  10. Shawwàl – شوال 29 days
  11. Dhu l-qà‘da – ذو القعدة 30 days
  12. Dhu l-hìjja – ذو الحجة 29 or 30 days

L’alternanza di mesi di 29 e 30 giorni comporta una durata media del mese più bassa di quella del mese sinodico (tempo che intercorre tra due noviluni); per compensare ogni tre anni circa l’ultimo mese viene fatto durare 30 giorni anziché i consueti 29, una sorta di anno bisestile. Su un ciclo di 30 anni, il 2º, 5º, 8º, 10º, 13º, 16º, 19º, 21º, 24º, 27º e 29º anno sono bisestili. Questa correzione non ha la funzione di mantere l’anno islamico sincronizzato con le stagioni (come invece avviene nel calendario gregoriano), anche perchè impossibile essendo basato sulle fasi lunari o non su quelle solari; tale correzione ha il solo scopo di sincronizzare l’inizio di ogni mese con le fasi della luna.

Days of the week:

  1. As-Sabt السَّبْت
  2. Al-Ahad الأحَد
  3. Al- ‘ithnayn الإثْنَيْن
  4. Ath-Thulatha الثُّلاثَاء
  5. Al-‘Arba’aa الأرْبِعَاء
  6. Al-Khamees الْخَمِيس
  7. Al-Jum’ah – Day of gathering (corrispondent to our Friday) الْجُمْعَة

Islamic weekend is traditionally Thursday and Friday, in recognition of the fact that Friday is a holy day under Islam. This weekend is incompatible with weekends in the Occidental countries, where more and more trading partners are based; also think about all the companies having branch in Europe & North Africa and Middle East: the combined weekends equate to several days of inactivity a week, since only in 3 days there is the match (Monday to Wednesday).

So the decision of adopting a Friday-Saturday weekend in many Islamic countries; in such a way on Sunday they concentrare activity not inherating trading or communication with not-islamic countries and there are 4 days of match with Occident.

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