Engines turn off in Qatar. Poliform and Cappellini can challenge the strongest teams

Doha - 13 - 17 March 2012 2012 UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship Pearl Qatar Grand Prix Photo Simon Palfrader©
The long powerboating stage in Qatar has come to an end, with the fast Class-1 catamarans racing Thursday and today in front of The Pearl in Doha. Guido Cappellini and Poliform are able to fight with the fastest teams, and even stand ahead of them.

The middle-eastern teams from Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi have proved once again to be the strongest, always racing for the first place. But this time the monopoly has been broken.

The pilots Guido Cappellini and Gian Maria Gabbiani started in last position, as an engine failure had stopped them for all the preceding days, including race 1.

But today, when the green flag has been waved, a sensational start brought them in front of everybody else.

10 World Championships won in F1 Inshore gave Guido the confidence for achieving such a great performance at the first buoy. Then, from the leading position, our pilots have been able to control the opponents and maintain an advantage of some seconds on the actual world champions of Victory 3 in 2nd place, with all the others following.

Then, after almost half of the race on top, again an engine problem has slowed down their boat and forced them to stop. Bad luck for sure, but not enough to eclipse the strong performance shown.

Cappellini states: “today was our first real contact with the water, as a problem with one engine has kept us at the dock for the whole practice sessions and race 1. Today, with the issue finally fixed, we had to start from last. Overtaking everybody and getting in the lead so quickly has been partially a miracle, but not just that… Then from the first position we had the chance to do our pace and control the opponents. A win was absolutely possible. Unfortunately, once again we’ve been stopped by a technical failure, which we still have to analyze. We are happy with the change that the world powerboating federation (UIM) has made to the rules, allowing the V8 engines to rev 250 rpm higher, because this has leveled the gap with the most performing V12s that many other teams mount. Now we are really competitive on a powertrain basis, still the maximum power allowed being 850HP for every engine. We will keep on improving every single aspect of our Poliform 74 catamaran, because we want to be always as competitive as today. We want to fight for the leadership.”

Now the C-1 Championship takes quite a long break, the next appointments being in June. For the very first time the boats will race in the Guinea Gulf. The promoters of Class-1 have just signed an agreement with the African Country of Gabon, who will host the circus in the waters in front of Libreville, the State capital.

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